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2020 Ҵ 10 23 ݿ


2020.10.17ު2Ȫʪêꫫ挙ȫŪʫ뫹ʪ乱Ҫ続ƪ롣 ۪ǪϫȫŪ党・党ΫЫǫŪ˫ーɪƪ롣4Ҵ挙Ǫ&#..
White House sows confusion about Trump's condition as source tells reporters next 48 hours will be c
(CNN)An attempt by President Donald Trump's doctor to reassure the public about Trump's condition following his infection with Covid-19 only created widespread confusion and concerns about transparency on Saturday, as a source familiar with the President's health told reporters that the next 48 hour..
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2020Ҵ917 432内Ȫ発몵ι総ϡ権ڪߪ継㯪ǡ٪縦ܪƪ𶪷ЮԪǫܪ۰ܪǡ国Ūʪ顢Ԫ実ުǪ몫êȪʪު 99۪総..
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2020Ҵ914 1522総Ԫ党総挙ϡ国会ꬪԴԳݤ県֧˪̿ιίۮί檷総󪵪ުι䫪ϡ16参両ª会졪総٣挙経99..
South and North Korea brace for two typhoons within a week
9号 ~ 10号 ܬ

2020Ҵ94 00Seoul (CNN)Two powerful typhoons are hurtling toward the Korean Peninsula, threatening to bring more flooding and devastation to an area that has already been battered by one of the wettest monsoon seasons in recent history.Typhoon Maysak -- which is currently equivalent to a Cat..
China puts hundreds of uninhabited islands up for rent
Ӫ28۰会̸ ݤ&

(CNN) — China's northeastern Liaoning province is home to hundreds of uninhabited islands -- and they're available to rent.The Liaoning Finance and Natural Resources departments issued a statement in July that circulated widely on Chinese social media this week, listing "usage fees" for the un..
The K-pop label that created BTS is going public

Hong Kong/Seoul (CNN Business)The mastermind of global music phenomenon BTS is taking his company public.Big Hit Entertainment, the talent agency behind the hugely popular Korean pop boy band, received preliminary approval this month to list on the country's stock market.The company is run by CEO Ba..
国 ٺ骹営団体 Ѫ
2020Ҵ812 029国ҳٺ骹営仏教ͧ団体5Ҵᪿѡ78000زΪ誽2営Ū諸残ƪȪߪ몳Ȫªު 国..
China's Three Gorges Dam is one of the largest ever created. Was it worth it?
The Three Gorges Dam was designed to tame China's longest river. But this summer's record rains reveal its limited ability to control floods.Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower project ever built.When construction began in 1994, it was designed (not only) to generate electricity to propel Chi..
Crowd catches two children as they jump from apartment fire in France in 'heroic' rescue
(CNN)A crowd of people in France saved two children from an apartment fire, catching them as they jumped from the burning building.The rescue of the brothers, aged three and 10, happened on Tuesday, reports CNN affiliate BFM, and was captured in remarkable video footage from a nearby building in Gre..

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