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2019 Ҵ 10 18 ݿ


At 19 hours, it's the world's longest flight. But how will the human body cope?
(CNN) — Regular nonstop flights between the east coast of Australia and London or New York could soon become a reality -- and in preparation, Australian airline Qantas has announced the first of three test flights will takeoff this Friday.The aim? To see how the human body copes with 19-20 sol..
国 窦辞発 権撃
2019Ҵ1014 1621国Ϋ・٣ŪΪǡʫ骰ߪʪɡުު㪬ƪ・ث国Ӫ声٥発14Ӫ辞򪹪몳Ȫ٥骫˪ު国ΫӪ14声٥į..
Samsung admits defeat in China's vast smartphone market
Hong Kong (CNN Business)Just a few years ago, one in every five smartphones sold in China was made by Samsung. How times have changed.The smartphone maker said this week it was shutting down its last phone factory in the country in the southern city of Huizhou. Its share of the vast Chinese market h..
18号発 30˽縄・ڸ
2019Ҵ928 161818号ϡիԫԪ߾पǪơ30来ţ˪縄・ڸΪȡ飳˪ΪŪ쪬ު気庁ϡê򪷡Ī対Ȫ誦Ӫƪު気..
Meet the smoking-free, carbon-negative country that passes no law unless it improves citizens' well-
(CNN)On the eastern edge of the Himalayas, nestled between India and Tibet, lies the tiny nation of Druk Yul, better known as Bhutan. In Bhutanese, the name means "Land of the Thunder Dragon," a nod to the violent storms that pound the rugged mountain peaks and flood the lush valleys. Bhutan is..
国 Ǫ֣ ڷ発
2019Ҵ828 2104県辺洪国ڪê֣򡢫ꫫ国Ȫ˪Īơ国ݤϡªϪ媷ǡ国権為ǡ۪国単몦ȪǪϪʪ発ު..
Trump privately clashed with G7 leaders over reinviting Putin
Biarritz, France (CNN)A sharp and sometimes bitter disagreement broke out between President Donald Trump and several G7 leaders over whether to allow Russia back into their club during a welcome dinner on Saturday, according to two diplomatic officials and a senior US official with knowledge of the ..
国 ڷ500010関税߾乗
2019Ҵ823 2132国ݤϫꫫΪ誽750ɫª対ު10関税߾乗発ުꫫ来ţӫͭܪ国3000ɫª対ڪ関税߾乗国Ϊ۪ܪ..
Seized Beijing skyscraper sells online for a 'bargain' $734M
With its exaggerated crown and bulging upper levels, the 39-floor Pangu Plaza casts an unusual shadow over Beijing.And now the dragon-inspired skyscraper has an equally odd ownership story: It sold online Tuesday for a bargain $734 million after being confiscated from a fugitive billionaire.Located ..
国 η対国 来Ū
2019Ҵ812 1405国ݤϡ国η対国来Ū⪷Ǫ檿ʫーת׾۰ܪ発ުت対厳̫ުĪ説٥国ǫϡت..

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